Trees From Above


Today, all organizations are looking for ways to achieve and demonstrate sound environmental practices that lower their carbon footprint. To measure and benchmark their environmental performance,  they undertake reviews of their environmental performance.

On their own, however, reviews and audits cannot provide the assurance that the company will continue to meet legislative and policy obligations. To be effective, these reviews and audits need to be conducted within a structured management system, integrated with overall management activity and address all aspects of environmental performance.

An environmental management system based on ISO 14001 is applicable to any organization that seeks to meet its obligations in reducing and then neutralizing its carbon footprint.  

TQCSI Advance's ISO 14001 Certification Audits provide benefits such as:

  • Identifying possible reduction in insurance premiums

  • Identifying environmental issues that can be addressed before they become a problem

  • Ensuring that the Environmental Management System is independently assessed

  • Converting a 'green' corporate image into improved profitability through Carbon Credits

  • Helping to meet legislative requirements and enlisting community support

  • Helping to target and reduce waste

  • Helping to minimize waste and pollution control costs

  • Resulting in cleaner production