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Integrated management systems are the only way to ensure the effectiveness of multiple management systems.  Ensuring adequate monitoring and control for two or more isolated programmes is a complex and tricky prospect which reduces, rather than increases, the efficiency of an organization.

The aim of an integrated system is to align and streamline an organisation’s various processes, thereby avoiding duplication and reducing inefficiencies.

Implementation of multiple management system programmes within one organization can be a difficult and largely inefficient process.  This is because every program requires in-depth awareness of its requirements amongst staff, allocation of resources and manpower, and above all, tight monitoring and control to ensure its success.

Multiply these requirements by the number of programmes the company subscribes to, and what most often results, is a system where none of the isolated programmes results in any considerable degree of effectiveness or benefit to the company.

Integrating multiple programs into one singular set of systems allows tighter operational control for an organization.

It also increases awareness and morale by incorporating the requirements of each programme into the work culture.

Most employees are good at following SOPs and instructions once these are clearly spelt out.  For example, where SOPs incorporate quality, safety and environmental requirements into the process activity, all employees need to do is follow the sequence of the activity.  This results in higher compliance, greater efficiency, and therefore greater cost savings.


Benefits of IMS:

  • Incorporating programmes deep into the organisation’s work culture

  • Optimum use of resources resulting from maintaining a single process for all activities required under IMS

  • Helps the management monitor and control core activities by reducing inefficiencies caused through isolation of various work practices.

  • Reduction in duplication of paper work and record keeping

  • A clear and singular set of specifications increases  awareness and morale amongst employees who are the cornerstone of a successful programme